Try & Tell # 5 Layered Southwest Salad, and Classic Dijon Dressing

I was looking through my posts and realized that I never finished this post last week...  Here is the response to last weeks recipes, as well.

I just have to say that my family is loving the fact that I am making so many new recipes.  My husband has been finishing his Masters degree these past few years and we have been living with my parents.  Most people would hate this, but I get along so well with my parents, my husband does, too thankfully.  So, my Mom and I cook together most nights, which I love, especially since I just had a baby...  It helps a lot.  I was looking through my Mom's pile of recipes that she has clipped to try and it is 3x bigger than mine.  It's funny- it made me realize that I probably got it from her.  She certainly is the one who taught me to love cooking & to love good food!

This Southwest Salad was such a hit with my family.  My Dad said he could eat it five times a week!  He said it was incredible.  My husband loved it, too.  My kids liked it, but had the parts all divided out on their plates- can't mix foods for my oldest son! 

The Dijon dressing is also a new favorite.  We eat salad with most dinners.  It is nice to have some variety in the dressings.  We have made this dressing three times already.  It's really great and so simple.