Foil Dinners

This is a meal we had a lot when I was young. I have continued making it when I grew up since I loved it so much. When my brothers went to scout camp, my mom would make these for them to take with them. The girls liked them, too, so she made it for everyone for dinner.

1 hamburger patty
diced potatoes
diced carrots
diced onions
Lawry's Season salt to taste

Wrap it up in heavy dut foil & cook over a fire while camping, or in an oven at 375 degrees for about 1 hour. My husband likes his with barbecue sauce in it. I also add extra veggies sometimes- celery, bell peppers, fresh garlic. They are really good! You could also do it with chicken instead of ground beef. I've done this & seasoned it with a little liquid smoke. It's good that way, too. It's an easy, no fuss, no rules kind of meal.