Homemade Fruit Leather

My kids love fruit leather, so a few years ago I decided to try making it. I had a dehydrator already so I ordered some fruit leather trays to go with it. It is SO easy & the finished product is delicious. I like to do this in the summer because we tend to have so much leftover fruit from our trees and plants. I hate seeing it go to waste. This week I made some strawberry fruit leather- Our strawberries are in full production & we can barely keep up already. I have also made peach, apple and grape. It's really good when you mix fruits, too. All were delicious.

Choose the fruit you want to use, wash it & prepare it. Fill a blender with fruit & some applesauce (to sweeten a little). Puree until smooth. I didn't even need to add any water the strawberries were so juicy already. Pour unto fruit leather trays. My dehydrator just has an on/off switch, but there are many kinds. In the directions it says to cook at 140-180 degrees. It can be done in an oven on cookie sheets. It can also be done outside in the sun. In my dehydrator it takes about 10 hrs to dry fully. I like to do it after dinner & let it dry overnight. You want it to have no sticky spots. When it is dry, cut it up & wrap in plastic. If it is fully dry you won't need to worry about it going bad. It'll last for many months to come. If you don't eat it all first! Yesterday, my kids were literally begging me for more!