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Friday, June 27, 2008

Raise you hand if...

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I just found this little treat this week. I have been reading some gardening books lately & it mentioned broccoflower, but I never knew what they were talking about. I saw this at the grocery store & just had to try it. It's a mix of broccoli & cauliflower-apparently they can cross pollinate. It's very good. It's a good mix of flavor between the 2 vegetables, both of which I really like. It's kinda fun when you find something new to try.

I have a favorite cauliflower recipe that I like to make that I am going to try with the broccoflower this week.

Steam the cauliflower, mash it up like mashed potatoes, for liquid, add chicken broth, then season with salt & pepper. Crumble feta cheese in it & mix it all togehter. It is SO good.


Mara Crosby said...

it looks like someone took fluorescent green spray paint to a head of cauliflower! haha, I will have to try to find it next time I am in Macys

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