Grilled Chicken & Parmesan Penne

I just made the best dinner & thought I would share it. My sister was hosting a Pampered Chef party today. I wasn't able to attend but the recipe she was having made my mouth water. She told me the ingredients, but not any instructions or amounts, so I decided to make it up on my own, with a few of my own added ingredients. It was amazing! I am already looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Penne pasta
1 c. chicken broth
1/2 c. parmesan cheese
2 chicken breasts, grilled & cut up
2 diced tomatoes
3 cloves minced garlic
1 zucchini squash
1/4 c. fresh basil, chopped
1/4 c. fresh chives, chopped
salt & pepper to taste
2 Tbsp olive oil

Ok, so the amounts are not terribly accurate, because when I make up recipes I don't measure anything. I just add things until it tastes good. Cook the pasta- as much as you want for your family. Grill the chicken, if you have an Italian dressing or a vinaigrette, that tastes really good on it. Chop up the zucchini & saute with the garlic in a tiny amount of olive oil. Add in the diced tomatoes towards the end. After the pasta is cooked, drain it & toss all the ingredients together. Chop up the grilled chiken & toss it in as well. Add more seasoning to your taste. I ended up adding some garlic salt in at the end, too.


Annie said…
I was just wondering what I should make for dinner tonight..... This sounds delicious! :) I love using my fresh herbs that I am growing right outside my kitchen!! :) Chives- check! Basil- check! Thanks Karyn! :)
Kristen said…
This sounds really good. I just happened across your blog. Your recipes are just the kind our family likes to eat.