Stained Glass Cookies

When I was student teaching many years ago we did this with our kids in the preschool class. I remembered it being really fun, but didn't have the recipe for it, so I decided to experiment. It turned out pretty good. The kids loved it. That's what really matters, right? After I did it, I thought it would be a really fun Valentine's Day cookie to do with hearts.

Find your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Make them according to directions. Just do a center cut-out when you roll them out into shapes. I used a little bottlecap to cut out my centers.

Line your baking sheets with foil to prevent sticking to the pan. Put the cookies on the tray & place a hard candy in the center of each. Bake according to recipe directions. Let them cool almost completely before trying to remove them from the foil. I took the foil off the tray with the cookies on it & put it on a cooling rack. If you don't let them cool, they will be gooey & stick to the foil.


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