Salsa Chicken

I cooked a little of this up tonight. It was delicious, & even better, E-A-S-Y!

Chicken breasts
Salsa (1/2 jar or so)
Grated cheese

Put chicken in pan. Pour salsa on top. Bake @ 375 for about 40 minutes. A few minutes before taking it out, sprinkle cheese on top.

Easy-peasy (as my son says)

We served it in fresh tortillas with all the fixings that go on them. It'd also be great over Mexican rice.

My husband actually said "this is the best thing I've had on a tortilla in a long time." It made me smile thinking of how easy it was to make.


I do about the same recipe in a slow cooker and it turns out delicious! Haven't made it in a while though...
Tillia said…
Yum sounds good and easy-easy being what I like best!!! I will try it this week for sure!
Yo said…
I made this a while ago and it was delicious. My husband requested it tonight for dinner so I had to swing by your blog to remind myself of the recipe - 3 ingredients - you think I could have remembered:)