Try & Tell #1- Yogurt Dill Salmon, Citrus Rice, and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Welcome to my first week of Try & Tells. I decided that I need to start trying all the recipes I am collecting. I have challenged myself to try at least one new recipe each week. I was glad to hear a few others suffer with the same problem. I did fail to mention in my last post my cookbook collection. I have more cookbooks than one person really should. I rarely use them, except for one or two recipes from each. I guess it's time to start!

The biggest challenge for me with trying new recipes is having the ingredients on hand. So, I started by choosing a few recipes and making a list of the things I didn't have on hand. I made a trip to the grocery store and was ready to go. I think I was extra motivated this week having just decided to start my challenge. I tried three new recipes!

The first recipe was Chocolate Chip Pound Cake. I made this on Sunday. (It's my baking day. I made a rule for myself that I can only bake sweets once a week.) This recipe was ok. I am debating even posting the recipe, except that I think it could be greatly improved if it were cooked for less time. Mine was very dry and I already undercooked it. My kids didn't finish their pieces, if that is any indicator. It had a really good flavor, the batter was excellent, since I licked the bowl clean. I think, IF I make it again, I will have to reduce the oven temp and or cooking time on it so it is more moist.

My second recipe was Yogurt Dill Salmon. This was really good. The sauce was really similar to a Greek Tzatziki sauce. I love that flavor, so this recipe has been hanging around in my pile for a while just waiting to be tried. I made this along with the Citrus Rice. The rice was excellent. I loved it. My family loved both. My husband said dinner was delicious- it's rare to hear that from him, so this was a good sign. I thought the rice would have a more asian flovor, but it didn't. It was a little sweet with the orange juice in it. Very good meal. I am glad I tried both of these recipes. I will keep & make them again.

Recipes coming soon...