Where are the Food Lovers?

Hey friends & fellow foodies-
I want to see who my readers are out there. I was looking at my stats & was shocked that I had over a thousand hits last month alone. I kinda had no idea that so many people were stopping by. If you are a regular reader, would you do me a favor & follow or subscribe to my blog. I would love to get to know some of my readers- help meet all your recipe needs! Let me know your favorite recipes, or your least favorite...

Give me some love!



ma said…
Love your recipes - I've made your rosemary bread a few times - in fact I just made it for tiffany when I was in Maryland - her family loved it. She made it last week and was saving one loaf to take to her VT sister but little hands took little nibbles all around the bottom while she was gone to a church meeting. So she made muffins for her sisters and enjoyed the bread with her little nibblers.
Thanks for your great recipes.
Pam - Tylers mom
Katie said…
Hi Karyn!
I am so glad you sent me this via Facebook! I Love food blogs and have enjoyed looking at yours! The coconut ice cream you just posted sounds divine! Keep em coming!!!
Likely said…
Hi Karyn --- it's Tiffany, tyler's sister! HA HA -- I was going to tell you that story that my mom mentioned. I LOVE your bread, and in fact I was just getting on here to get that recipe again. yummmm.....

You are such a great cook ---I am always envious of people who try new recipes. I am always afraid. I am lame like that.

Keep the recipes coming! I know sometimes it is frustrating not knowing who reads your blog -- I get like that sometimes. I bet you get a ton of google hits. Do you use sitemeter? You can track where people are coming from that way. You might see that a lot of people are coming to one certain recipe, or maybe someone linked to you and you can see that too. I took off the feature that lets search engines find me, but maybe you haven't.... and that is great because your recipes need a wide audience!

love you "sister" :)