Try & Tell # 3 -No Fry Fish Sticks and Greek Rice

I think I wore myself out a little in the past few weeks.  We had a few easy meals this week, like pizza- delivered to my door and spaghetti...But, today I finally got into gear & flipped through my recipes to see what I felt like making.  I didn't feel like grocery shopping today, so I made recipes that had ingredients that we had on hand this time. 

I had some tilapia filets in my freezer that I decided would be good to try out for the No-Fry Fish Sticks.  They were a hit- even for Mr. Picky (child #1).  He was afraid to try it but, once he did, said they were kinda good- that's a major big deal for him... My daughter, after dinner, said that tilapia is her favorite. She said they tasted like chicken nuggets.   

The rice was good- for the adults, but not so much a hit with my kids.  I really enjoyed it, though.  I wasn't really sure at first, but I will say that the tomatoes really made the dish.  Before I put in the tomatoes, I tried it and thought it was a little bland. 

Stay tuned for the recipes...