Try & Tell #4 Whoopie Pies, and Caramel Corn

Welcome to my 4th week of Try & Tells.  I am amazed I have actually done it for this long.  Honestly, I have liked almost every recipe so far. If it makes the cut- the family likes it- it gets to go into the recipe box.  After all I have made, my pile of recipes has not really dwindled all that much.  I guess I have a long way to go. 

I have two desserts for you this week.  Both made on Sunday- it's my dessert day and I splurged.  Both were kinda amazing. 

The Whoopie Pies were chocolate with peanut butter filling.  I have never made any other whoopie pies before, but I thought they were more cakey.  These were more of a cookie consistency than a cake consistency. They are chocolate with chocolate chips!  Mmmmm!  The filling is really sweet, made with marshmallow cream, peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar.  Coupled with the rich chocolate cookies, it is a great balance. 

My husband took a plate of these cookies to work today.  He called me this afternoon practically demanding me to put the recipe on here- I guess they were a hit & they wanted the recipe.  Glad you guys liked them!  I'll get the recipe up quickly for you.

The caramel corn I made is actually cranberry-orange caramel corn with almonds.  I made it for our big family sunday dinner, but forgot to share it with the family.  No really, I forgot!  Believe what you want...

This was also really good.  It is a kind of crunchy caramel corn, not the chewey stick-to-your teech kind.  (I like both kinds.) I will say that when it is finished, there is no orange taste.  I was looking forward to tasting the orange flavor, but it wasn't there.  I even added more orange juice & still couldn't really taste it.  You may want to try adding extra juice, or even some orange zest into it to give it a more orange flavor, if you care.  It is really good just the way it is, too though.