Try & Tell #6- Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi & Quinoa Black Bean Salad

I have had a busy week & have been a little slow on the posts, but I did try several new recipes. 

This week I made Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi and Quinoa & Black bean salad.  Both were delicious! 

My kids said that the gnocchi tasted like ravioli- which is a good thing.  It took a little longer than I expected to make the gnocchi, but it was really very good.  It was well received by my family. I will probably make it again, but will plan on starting it sooner.  It took over an hour to get them all made, not counting the cooking time. 

The salad, I made on Saturday night.  I didn't think my kids would like it & I don't typically make big meals Saturday night- if I cook at all, but I felt like trying it.  It was so very easy to put together.  I had a big bowl of it for dinner & it was amazing- I had to have a second bowl.  Then there was still some left for lunch the next day.  It had such a great flavor.  I will make it again, very soon.

Check back for both recipes soon...