Funny Food for Friday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did! 

I wanted to show you something...

I somehow inherited this cookbook that, for some reason I haven't gotten rid of.  I think because it makes me laugh.  But I thought I would share it with you guys- to make you smile.  Maybe because it is just the thing you need for someone on your Christmas list.  Maybe.

Now, this is for real.  I really do have this on my shelf.   Some of the recipes are pretty normal, but some are really out there.  They use lots of oleo cooking oil- does that even exist anymore?

I was skimming the reviews at the beginning of the book to see what the critics had to say.  Maybe they will convince you of the greatness of this cookbook:
-This is it. This is sholy it. Yep. This is good.

-What fun!  This book makes you want to spit in yer skillet and start cookin' vittles!

-Looking through it, it's clear to me what I am!

-The food goes from awful with lots of oleo to very good.

Here are some of the recipes that have caught my eye as I have browsed through it:

Single Boy's Breakfast

Take one pound of pork sausages.  Cook them evenly, pour off fat. Add one and one half box soda crackers crumbled.  Pour in one cup of boiling water.  Cover tight and steam five minutes.  Serve with fried sweet potatoes and plenty of hot, black coffee.

Lucy's Guaranteed Stewed Prunes

1 lb box prunes
1/2 c. sugar
1 lemon (sliced)

Dump your prunes in a pot and cover with cold water. Put them on the fire and bring to a slow and easy boil for 15 minutes.  Now add your sugar and lemon and cook 15 minutes more.  Remove from teh fire and cool.  Serves 8. 
Delicious  with cheese dishes, and good for you too.

Kiss Me Not Sandwich

Spread Mustard on bread. Then slice onion on one and cover with the other. Ice tea helps wash it down.

Here are titles of a few more:

Cooter Pie (anyone know what this is??)
Four can Deep Tuna Pie
Aunt Donnah's Roast Possum
Rabbit Pie
Liver-Hater's Chicken Livers
Plain Ol' Potato Pone
Klebert's Cold Crawfish Soup
Broiled Squirrel
Butt's Gator Tail
Ham-Lima Salad
Cucumber Eggs
Surprise Salad
Soda Cracker Pie

Wow! Right?