What Makes You Say Mmmmm? Monday Linky PARTY!

Another week has passed, and yet again I have loved the submissions.  Thanks for filling my linky each week and sharing your great recipes.  If you haven't had a chance to check out some of the links posted last week.  Make sure you do.  They will impress you!

Before I start with the featured recipes, I want to extend the invitation to any bloggers who are interested in co-hosting this weekly linky party.  If you would like to, leave me a comment or send me an email.  I would like to rotate co-hosts. 

This week we had a few recipes with lots of hits that I want to highlight for you.

The busiest link this week was the Hippo Cupcakes from Cherished Handmade Treasures.  These are SO cute!  I really want to make these with my kids sometime.  I know they would adore them.  And, so simple!

A very popular link this week was the Cuban Style Black Bean Soup from In Him We Live and Move....  I have to admit, this was one of my favorites posted as well.  I grew up in South FL where there was a strong Cuban influence.  There was a restaurant that I used to love to go to that served black beans & rice... anytime I hear Cuban & black beans, I get excited!

And finally the Pork Stir Fry from Stella B's Kitchen was very popular.  I know why... look how good this looks!

Thanks so much for these amazing recipes!  Can't wait to give them all a try.

Now, on to the party. Did I mention it's my birthday Tuesday?  It really will be a party!!    Let's get linking... Grab a button & share.

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Debbie said…
Happy, Happy Birthday week! My contribution this week is Tiffany Blue Colored Cake Pops, a virtual gift to you of every girl's favorite shade of blue! ;) Thanks for hosting this party!
Lisa Hitzeman said…
Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!
Thanks for hosting! I linked up a few sweets this week. :)
Unknown said…
Thanks for hosting! I linked up some amazing food this week! I've finally added your button to my blog!
Unknown said…
Oh and Happy Birthday!!!
Debra said…
Hi, Thanks for hosting & happy birthday!
Loy said…
Thanks for hosting. I am very late linking back to you. Sorry, I couldn't get into my Blogger dashboard and finally had to leave for work this afternoon. I have linked up now. How a great week.
Michelle B said…
Happy Birthday! And thanks for hosting!

Those hippo cupcakes are too cute. Amazing what can be done with Nutter Butters!

This week I'm starting a series on Mardi Gras--bringing out the punch first.
Unknown said…
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! It was yesterday & it was great :)
Thanks so much for the feature! Have a great day!