Re-Growing Store Bought Veggies

Did you know that you can re-grow some of the vegetales that you get from the store right in your own home?  I have been growing green onions, celery, and sweet potatoes in my kitchen. 

Green onions and celery are really simple.  After you use them up, save the bottom part.  Just stick them into some water and they will re-grow.  I give them fresh water every few days.  The celery can be planted outside once it gets a little bigger and has some roots.  The green onions could, too, but you can also just keep them in your kitchen and keep re-growing them- giving you an endless supply of fresh green onions!

Here is my sweet potato plant.  Stick a few toothpicks into the potato and put it into water.  It will start sprouting roots.  Mine is just in the beginning stages, but it will get some big vine-like sprouts growing off the top.  These are called "slips".  Once these sprouts are 5-6 inches long, remove them from the potato and put them in another jar of water.  These will take root and can be planted in a pot or in the garden to grow into potatoes. 

I am also growing some regular potatoes, herbs, and lots of veggies.  They are started inside and waiting to sprout-soon to be planted in my garden.  I love this time of year when we get to start growing so many beautiful things- to be eaten fresh from the garden. 

Update:  I tried planting Romaine lettuce from the cut off ends and it is growing, too- how cool is that? 
Have you ever sprouted your own alfalfa sprouts or mung beans?  It's really easy!  See my post about it here.

What are you growing??


Cari said…
I love regrowing green onions- I finally planted mine because the roots get slimey after a while. I'm also going to try the celery!
Mal said…
I do this with green onions too! I never knew that celery could also be done this way, I'll have to do that next time I have some.

Mal @ The Chic Geek
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Shut the front door!! How have I never heard of this before? Thanks for sharing!
SandeeNC said…
mmmmm...just flowers! lol Visited your Pinterest board ( found a few pins there to follow! ) and would like to invite you to participate in Project Pinterest on April 19th where everyone that creates something from a pin that has inspired them can share. Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)