What Makes You Say Mmmmm?!

I have decided to discontinue the Monday Linky.  I am sad because it has been very fun!  But, after lots of thought, I decided to focus my energies on other things.  I have been trying hard to faithfully keep up two blogs and raise a family.  Too many things are getting neglected... I will still be posting recipes & cooking ideas, but need to take a step back from the weekly linky.  Sorry! :(

Thanks to ALL who faithfully participated each week!  I love all of your creativity & willingness to share! 

I still want to feature a few of the most popular links from the last linky.  Hope you enjoy!

In the Kitchen and on the Couch linked up Spiced Peas with Cilantro and Lime.  They were very popular!  And I can't wait to make them... 

The Sweet Swiper shared Asian Bowtie Pasta Salad.  This looks like a great easy dinner that my family would love!

Melissa's Cuisine posted "That One Dessert".  It looks heavenly, doesn't it??!! 

Thanks everyone for sharing your beautiful food!  Have a wonderful week. 


I'll miss your party, but I totally understand!! ((Hugs))
Hi Karyn! I'm sad to see the party go, but I absolutely understand why you need to do it. Our blogs are important to us, but never more important than our families. I'll still be dropping by to check in with you and see what yummy stuff you're cooking up, though! Have an awesome week! ~Mary
Hi, I just found our blog. Looks like you have some great recipes! In fact we have peas in our garden right now. I'm cooking a prime rib for my Father's Day weekend and that pea recipe looks like the perfect side dish. That's right, I'm cooking my own Father's Day meal . . . but that is because we love it cooked out on the grill. I am into outdoor cooking, barbecue, smoking and grilling, mostly, but I do love baking bread. I make a mean pot of chili and Gumbo, too. I love trying my hand at new recipes. On top of cooking I do some woodworking. I built and outdoor kitchen that is my favorite room in (out of) the house, LOL. Please come over. I'm your newest follower and I would be honored to have you follow me, too. Steve :)