Crispy Cornmeal & Parmesan Crusted Chicken

It has been way too long since i have stopped in to share a recipe here. Pregnancy takes the creative foodie out of me, I must say...

I make this yummy parmesan chicken all the time and wanted to try something similar but without breadcrumbs. I have some cornmeal grits- the kind used to make polenta. It is a more coarsely ground cornmeal. I decided to try using that as my chicken coating for dinner last night. I absolutely loved the outcome and so did my family.   My pickiest eater loved it and asked for more!

It was incredibly quick and easy to throw together. 

2 chicken breasts 
1/2 c. cornmeal
1/4 c. parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper
1/2 tsp dried onion flakes (or powder)
Olive oil for cooking

Drizzle a little olive oil in a frying pan and start it heating.  Combine the coating ingredients into a bowl.  Cut the chicken into strips.  Dip it into the coating and cover all sides. I didn't dip the chicken into anything before, but you could use an egg white if it isn't sticking well.  Cook in frying pan until all sides are lightly browned and the chicken is cooked through. 

Serve it up hot with a few delicious sides and you have a quick & easy dinner for your family!  It is really good left-over on a salad, too!